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Sunday, 5th February 2023  
self catering "La Fete" at Saint Mathieu

Just like every year, Saint Mathieu hosted a big fete in August of 2003. The whole town square was closed to traffic and a lot of stands were erected for the occasion.

Many stalls offered everything from food and drink to woven wicker baskets and hand made wooden ornaments.

Man on stilts




The town square

Town Square and Church
Men walking on stilts ...
The Town Square
Saint Mathieu
A bread stall
Many visitors
Basket weaving
A bread stall ...
Locals and visitors mingiling
Basket weaving
The Town Square
Got a sweet tooth?
Dried Flowers for sale
Just looking ...
Hungry ?
Dried Flowers
The whole town eats and drinks!
A free glass of wine (or two!)




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