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Sunday, 5th February 2023  
self catering The Lake at St. Mathieu



Most of the damage to the dam at St Mathieu has been repaired, and the lake is filled with water (at last)!

Next winter it will be drained and the final repairs completed.


The lake at St. Mathieu, is our favourite place for sun bathing and swimming. It is approx. 12 km (8 miles) from our gite.


Nestled in woodland, fed by the river Colle, the lake offers all the traditional French amenities; toilets, showers and of course a man-made beach.



The lake at St. Mathieu

Swimming at the lake

Just like the lake at Videix, a small part of the lake is fenced off to provide a safe swimming area. A further small part is for young children and non swimmers. During the summer months a life guard is on duty.
The restaurant and bar near the lake offers excellent value for money and some of the best food we have eaten in France.
Eating out at the lake

On the opposite side of the lake there is a shaded picnic area. This is where you may also find the locals fishing.

Ample free car parking is provided and access to the lake is free.


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